Vertx’s B-Range Bag Revue

I’m always in pursuit of gear that fits my needs.  I have more range bags than I can use and have sold and given away a few over the years.  Have I found the perfect bag? No, and that includes this one.  That said, the Vertx B-Range Bag comes pretty close.img_2557d

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the more pockets and bigger the bag, the more crap you don’t need will find it’s way into the bag.  The result will be a sore shoulder, back etc… from lugging the thing around.

My recommendation is to fairly assess what is the true mission of the range bag? Day trips to the range where you’re in one bay practicing/training? How much gear do you need for that? Multiple guns, multiple caliber ammo, mags, etc..  Are you going to a match where you’re moving constantly from stage to stage, bay to bay? Having more than one bag, backpack, etc… is a good idea. Just like different weapons for different missions.  Different kit for different gigs.  Right?

I’ve used and continue to use different bags for different purposes. I kind of miss my original Dillon range bag.  I probably would have saved some money over the years had I known then what I know now. But gear to me is an ongoing quest for the perfect kit.

Vertx gear isn’t cheap.  But also isn’t cheaply made.  They pay attention to detail and it shows in the design, materials and construction of all their gear.  Their range bag is no different.

First it’s sized right for a good compromise between a multi purpose range bag and what I call a match bag.  Just enough room and pockets to cover both missions without encouraging overload of needless crap.

A shallow main center compartment allows quick access to ammo and items you’re using the most at any given time. Ammo, eye pro, mags etc…


The interior is made of hook and loop material that supports Vertx’s and other hook and loop attachments like holsters, magazine carriers, etc…  I added those to one side pocket for a second gun and support magazine sub loads.


magazine – tool panel on the left and a Maxpedition adjustable gun loop holster on the right. 

The opposite side compartment has two drawer type compartments where you can store additional items of choice.  Ammo, spent brass, ear pro, you name it.  If it were me, I would have made each uniquely different for different uses.  Having one designed specifically for earpro or eyepro probably would have pushed my design score up to a 9. Two additional mesh pockets above for keys, access cards, small items etc…


Again notice that the drop down side is hook and loop so you can attach additional items and panels.

The bag also has to hand handles for carry as well as cross attached swivel shoulder strap with padding for easy carry.  Cross attachments are great for allowing easy access.  Included but not pictured is a cable attachment on one end of the bag that allows you to cable lock or padlock the bag to a fixed item to prevent theft.

Is this the perfect bag? So far I’m digging it as a match bag and general range bag.

Here’s how I score it.

Overall design: 8

Materials: 10

Construction: 10

Price: 8  ($159 MSRP)