300 Blackout build complete

I didn’t really have a plan to branch out into another rifle caliber. Back in February several of us ordered suppressors from Dead Air. The current trend is away from caliber specific suppressors, especially .223/5.56. The manufacturers have developed the technology to really improve the quality and performance of multi caliber suppressors.  That said, if you’re looking for the quietest can for a specific caliber, especially .223/5.56 you should definitely go in that direction.

Being the frugal guy that I am I want the most pew, pew, pew for my buck.  My black rifles are .223/5.56.  But looking down the road, you never know what the future will bring, I opted to buy the Dead Air Sandman-S.  It’s a short can for .223-.308 so I know it’s not the quietest.  Not to mention the fact that Dead Air doesn’t offer a .223/5.56 specific suppressor.  If I were looking to suppress a bolt rifle I would have likely go to the Sandman L Ti, a longer, lighter, direct thread suppressor.

During the wait for ATF stamp approval, I had the opportunity to shoot a friends 300blk SBR. I was immediately impressed.  The great thing about 300blk is the ability to suppress a subsonic 200gr +/- bullet through a sub 12″ barrel with excellent ballistics on the AR-15 platform. Same lower receiver, same magazines, etc…  I was immediately smitten and purchased a Daniel Defense 300blk 10.5″ upper.  The DD upper has it’s pros and cons.


  • Daniel Defense quality
  • Cold hammer forged barrel
  • Better for supersonic ammo


  • Heavier than other 300 blk offerings (BCM especially)
  • 10.5″ vs 9″ barrel
  • Heavier rail

If I had to do it again, I would probably go with the BCM upper.  Shorter, lighter barrel and rail as I don’t currently have plans to run supersonic ammo.  But then again, who knows what the future will bring.

Considering the current wait time for NFA tax stamps, our timing was about as good as could be asked.  Changes to trust rules by the ATF caused a huge rush to get NFA items rolling.  Ours took all of seven months to process.  Those of you who have been down that road before, know how those waits can be. If there’s a positive angle to that wait time it afforded me time to put together the upper as I wanted to configure it.  Thanks to a good friend for one key element that saved me a boat load.  You know who you are.

So, here it is.


LMT lower (my 2008 “Prezbo” build has been hosting a 10″ LMT 5.56 upper with basic mogpul hand guards, Aimpoint T-1 on a lower third LaRue mount and fixed rear sight).

LMT lower



Additional (not pictured)

Rifles Only 6″ HAD cover




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